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 Integra Health Nursing Prep Institute offers a variety of health related and non health related programs to individuals looking for a career change or looking to start a new health care career.


Our hybrid and fast track programs are specialized to prepare students with theory and hands on clinical experience. We also offer flexible and convenient online courses that can be completed in couple weeks to couple months in the comfort of your home. These programs will prepare you to be successful in your field of interest from day one.


Integra Health Nursing Prep Institute does not discriminate and is dedicated to prepare and help individuals pass any exam. Review courses are taught by experienced instructors.

Checking Blood Pressure

The health field is a great place to work during a recession. Our health programs are recession proof. Our CNA training is fast and easy. Individuals learn the skills hands on and are prepared to pass the state exam. 

 This is a top recession-proof job .

Patient and Nurse

The PN/RN Nclex Review courses are individualized and customized for every student based on their weakness areas.  Nclex review courses are taught by experienced Registered Nurses with a Masters Degree or higher. Contact us to Register TODAY!

RN & PN NCLEX 2020.png

"Knowledgeable Instructor! 

Good Material" ! 

-Sally, CPR BLS Graduate

"I love the class. The instructor made me feel comfortable
and I could ask questions and she politely would answer."
-Brittney, Phlebotomy Graduate

"The Class is affordable. It has convenient hours and length, fun friendly educational atmosphere. There are opportunity given to practice skills till exam is passed."

-Mary , CNA Graduate

"Enjoyed the BLS CPR Class. Instructor knowledgeable about materials and would recommend."

-Salomon,CPR BLS Graduate

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