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"I like how hands on the class is making it easy to learn."

Recent CNA Grad!

"Very  Hands On, Very Important Part!"


"The Owner is Such A Beautiful  Soul and Very Professional but so down to earth!!I like the timeliness, environment, professionalism, quality." Tina M CNA/Phlebotomy Student

"I love the class. The instructor made me feel comfortable
and I could ask questions and she politely would answer."
-Brittney 2018

"The Class is affordable. It has convenient hours and length, fun friendly educational atmosphere. There are opportunity given to practice skills till exam is passed."

Recent CNA Grad 2017

"I like everything about the class. The teacher was nice and helped me alot. Nothing needs to be improved. It's great the way it is."

-VP Recent CNA Grad

"Learned a lot of useful information. Class was interactive the instructor was approachable, knowledgeable and excellent."

-Recent CNA GRAD

"What I liked Most Of All Is How The Instructor Organized Her Daily Learning Skills. Very Easy To  Keep UP."

CNA Student 

"Excellent Presenter!"


"I Love The Classes At INTEGRA. Teacher Very Knowledgeable!"


"The Cna class is wonderful

I would highly recommend the course." Ashley, 2018

"Knowledgeable Instructor 

Good Material!"

CPR BLS Student 10/26/2017

"Founded a lot of information with the CPR course . Will recommend a friend to take this course."

-CPR BLS Student

 Student Testimonials

"The way she taught the class-everything was explained thoroughly -never got upset with any questions&etc."

-Tina CNA Grad

"Great Class, Great Teacher Wouldn't Change Anything. Everything you Need To Pass the CNA Is Covered."


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